Bible Study Puzzle Sample

I am excited to be able to share this sample puzzle with you.  My goal in writing this book was to help people approach Bible study from a fresh perspective that will make it more challenging and exciting.  Please print it, and try it.

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It is necessary to read the Before You Start instruction section or things can get confusing.     

                          Before You Start

The following points will help to make solving each puzzle much easier.

  1. All words were taken from the New International (NIV) and the King James (KJV) Versions of the Bible.  Those words, which are from the King James Version, are indicated by (KJV), all others are from the (NIV).

  1. All words are in alphabetical order.  There are times when this will determine which word you choose to include.

  1. Those words and letters that are provided are not in the puzzle grid.

  1. There are many more words that could have been included in each puzzle; however, they were not all included so that each puzzle could be kept at a manageable size.

Jesus, Bible study
Jesus, Bible study